About Us

In 2007, I launched www.nursinghomeratings.ca, Canada’s first national database of nursing homes complete with consumer ratings and reviews. The impetus behind the website was to help seniors and their families to make informed decisions when choosing a nursing home for their loved one. With the help of ratings and reviews, family members can read an insider’s perspective to get a clearer vision of what their loved one would experience.

Each month, we welcome thousands of new visitors to the site. Increasing media attention has also brought new visitors. Founder, Christine Taylor, has appeared on Global National, CTV, CBC Radio, and Rogers. The Bank of Montreal references her in-depth Nursing Home Tour Checklist in a brochure distributed to caregivers.

By late 2012, we were ready to expand. We knew that nursing homes represent a small fraction of the businesses and homes in which seniors are involved, and information about those too, was sparse. So, I launched www.informedsenior.ca, a website that allows seniors, and their families, to read reviews and ratings about businesses and products geared to older adults.

Like NursingHomeRatings.ca, we’ve also included general information on provincial government programs like home renovation tax credits to prescription drug programs which can save seniors significant amounts of money. We’ve also been careful to include everything from retirement homes to home care services to real estate agents who market to older adults and much, much more.

Seniors who make informed decisions are certain to feel more confident about the choices they make. We know that these decisions can, and will, affect the quality of their lives.

In lockstep with our aging population are more and more businesses that are catering to this demographic. By providing a broader range of care and services, and introducing new and innovative products, seniors have, as never before, a plethora of products and services that can help them maintain their independence and carry out tasks that would be impossible otherwise. Of course, seniors cannot benefit from companies’ advancements unless they know that they exist.

We encourage visitors to our site to use our directory and learn about the products and services that businesses are now offering – a selection that is sure to grow in both number and diversity with each passing year. We also encourage businesses to list with us and maximize their exposure to a target audience that is ready to take advantage of these services.

Both businesses and this website share the same fundamental, and mutual, goal: We want to see seniors’ quality of life enhanced as much as possible.

Christine Taylor has always enjoyed her work with seniors. Holding a Masters of Gerontology degree from Miami University, she has worked as a Nursing Home Administrator, gerontology instructor at Centennial College and the University of Toronto, and a contributor to a caregiving magazine.