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The Family Caregiver Magazine Winter 2008
The Family Caregiver
Christine Taylor’s article, “Ministry of Health Reports on Nursing Homes” appeared in the Family Caregiver Magazine.


Nursing Home Ratings on CBCCBC Radio One

October, 2008
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Christine Taylor appeared on “Up To Speed” with Margaux Watt to speak about the fact that nursing home residents and their families need a voice to ensure quality nursing home care.


Nursing Home Ratings on CBCCBC Radio One

December, 2008
Moncton, New Brunswick
Appearing on Dave MacDonald’s “Information Morning”, Christine Taylor was interviewed about the nursing home selection process and how to choose a nursing home for your loved one.


Nursing Home ratings in the news Rogers TV
December 2010
Guelph, Ontario
Hosted by Trish Stevenson, Christine Taylor spoke on “Inside Guelph” and shared tips on how to choose a nursing home for your loved one.


nursing home ratings in CTV CTV
January 2011
Kitchener, Ontario
In a special series on the state of nursing homes, reporter Kyle Christie invited Christine Taylor to comment on the value of nursing home inspections.


Nursing Home ratings in the news Rogers, TV
March, 2011
London, Ontario
Christine Taylor was asked to speak on “Parenting Our Parent” about how to advocate for seniors in a nursing home.


Voice America talks about seniors VoiceAmerica
November, 2011
Dr. Gordon Atherley invited Christine Taylor to be on Family Caregiver Unite! to share her comments and advice about the challenges that family caregivers face.


Global National about senior home ratingsGlobal TV
December, 2011
After a media story highlighted some issues plaguing the long-term care system, Christine Taylor was invited to talk about the website’s rating process.