Ontario Senior Services

Home and Community Care

Long-term Care

In the province of Ontario, nursing homes are referred to as long-term care homes, municipal homes for the aged, or charitable homes. You must apply for a long-term bed through your local Community Care Access Centre. The government of Ontario subsidizes the cost of medical care and the residents pay for room and board fees. The province regulates Long-term Care Home fees and that is why both public and private homes charge the same fees.
For a detailed and comprehensive description of the long-term care system, please visit www.nursinghomeratings.ca.

Retirement Homes

Retirement homes are privately owned and operated facilities that provide care for individuals who require some medical care and supervision but do not need nursing home level care. If you are interested in retirement home living, you must apply directly to the home.

Supportive Housing

Ontario seniors who need minimal or moderate care have the option of supportive housing.

Home Care

The Home Care Program helps seniors continue living in their home with the help of a range of supportive services, such as visiting health professionals, support with activities of daily living, and homemaking. Contact your local Community Care Access Centre to inquire about which services you may be eligible for.

Community Services

A variety of programs are offered to Ontario seniors in the community such as adult day programs, friendly visiting, foot care, security checks, and psychogeriatric consultations. Subsidies may be available for some of these services.

Elder Abuse

Senior Safety Line

The Senior Safety Line is a toll-free line available to abused seniors, providing them with information, referrals, and support. 1-866-299-1011

Retirement Home

If you fear that your loved one who is residing in a retirement home is being abused, contact the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority at 1-855-275-7472.

Long-term Care

If you have a concern with a Long-term Care Home, contact the Long-Term Care ACTION Line at 1-866-434-0144.

Home Adaptations

Ontario seniors who want to modify their home to compensate for age-related changes and continue living in their own home may be eligible to receive financial assistance.

Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit

Ontario seniors, 65 years of age and older, who modify their home to make it more functional and safer, may be eligible for a permanent and refundable tax credit of up to $1500. Call 1-866-668-8297 for more information.


Guaranteed Annual Income System (GAINS)
If you receive Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement, you will be automatically considered for the GAINS benefit.

Government Website

Ontario residents looking for more information about senior related issues can visit the province’s website dedicated to seniors, www.seniors.gov.on.ca.