Saskatchewan Seniors

Special Care Home Details

Home and Community Care

Special Care Homes

In Saskatchewan nursing homes are referred to as Special Care Homes. If you think that you require the services of a Special Care Home, contact the Home Care Office in your local Health Region.
For a detailed and comprehensive description of the long-term care system, please visit

Personal Care Homes

Personal Care Homes typically care for residents who have lighter care needs compared to those in a Special Care home. Personal Care Homes are privately owned and operated, even though they are licensed and monitored by Saskatchewan Health.

Home Care

Home care services cover a range of supportive services, such as acute and palliative care, meals, nursing, and home maintenance, and are for individuals who have care needs that can be met in their own home.


Residents of Saskatchewan can call 1-877-800-0002 and speak with a Registered Nurse, Registered Psychiatric Nurse, or Social Worker to get guidance on health related issues. This service is available free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Elder Abuse

If you are a victim of abuse, or if you suspect or know that your loved one is being abused, contact 1-800-214-7083 to seek help or guidance.

Home Adaptations

The province of Saskatchewan had two popular programs: The Saskatchewan Home Repair Program and the Adaptation for Independence and Homeowner Repair Program. However, both are not currently accepting applications. If you are interested in one of these programs you can contact the Ministry of Social Services to inquire about when they will start to accept applications again.


Seniors Drug Plan
If you are a resident of Saskatchewan who is over the age of 65 and you are eligible for the federal age credit, you are entitled to have your maximum out-of-pocket costs for certain prescription drugs capped at $20. You must apply for this program.

Personal Care Home Benefits
Residents of Saskatchewan requiring Personal Care Home placement can apply for financial assistance to assist them with the cost of living in a licensed
Personal Care Home.

Senior’s Income Plan
Saskatchewan residents with little or no income may be eligible to receive financial assistance to help with paying for their basic needs.

Government Website

Saskatchewan residents looking for more information about provincial programs and services for seniors can visit the province’s website