Senior Services in Newfoundland and Labrador

Long-term Care Services

Long-term Care Facilities

Publicly owned nursing homes in Newfoundland and Labrador are referred to as Long-term Care Facilities. To apply to a long-term care facility you must contact your local Regional Health Authority. An assessment will determine if you qualify for a long-term care bed, and a financial assessment will dictate the rate a resident will pay.

Personal Care Homes

Personal Care Homes are privately owned and operated facilities that care for residents who do not require the 24 hour a day nursing supervision that is found in a long-term care facility. Residents of a Personal Care Home receive assistance with personal care and activities of daily living. To apply to a Personal Care home you must contact your local Regional Health Authority and an assessment will be conducted to determine if you require admittance.

Protective Community Residences

Newfoundland and Labrador seniors with mild to moderate dementia may be eligible for entry into a Protective Community Residence. The environment of the residences has been designed with special needs and safety requirements that result from dementia. Your Regional Health Authority will conduct a medical and financial assessment.

Provincial Home Care Program

Seniors who wish to continue living in their home but require more care than can be provided by their informal supports may apply to their local Regional Health Authority for additional assistance, and an assessment will be conducted.

Special Assistance Program

Seniors requiring medical supplies and equipment to help them with activities of daily living, may contact their local Regional Health Authority to see if they qualify for the Special Assistance Program.

Elder Abuse

Violence Against Older Persons In 2008, the helped launch the Violence Against Older Persons campaign to shed light on the need for seniors or other to report elder abuse. If you suspect that a seniors is being abused, or if you are a senior who is the victim of abuse, contact your local Regional Health Authority for advice.


Low Income Seniors Benefit

Eligible low-income seniors may receive a refundable tax credit, which is based on net family income. Provided that a senior files their annual tax return, no application is required for this program.

Government Website

Newfoundland and Labrador residents looking for more information about senior related issues can visit the province’s website dedicated to seniors,